Rfu-328 - Programmable Wireless Processor

If you want to develop your own wireless sensors or add some wireless control your projects then this is the perfect platform for the job.

The Arduino is a microcontroller board that has been a huge success for open hardware. Building on that success is the RFu-328 which is an Arduino UNO coupled with a radio transmitter. Cramming all that in to a postage stamp size footprint (2.53mm x 22mm x 27.70mm) makes this the worlds smallest most affordable, RF capable, Arduino IDE programmable device.  What’s more you can program this device over the air (no need for a USB cable). This board is perfect for compact projects where you need reliable and easy RF with all the flexibility of Arduino.  

Building and developing your own RF module is a complex undertaking. Using the RFu-328 removes the complexity of RF communications. The RFu-328 communications is as easy as sending a text message from one device to the other. The RFu-328 can broadcast text messages that are encrypted and secure and can receive messages from other RFu-328 sensors or other RF modules connected to a PC or a Raspberry Pi (for example). 

If you are already familiar with the Arduino development environment, then you will be right at home with programming the RFu-328. If not then we have a series of tutorials that will get you started in no time. Even if you have no programming experience this is a good starting point to learn about programming and embedded electronics.

The RFu-328 will bring RF capabilities to your Arduino projects. If you already have Arduino sketches (code) developed then migrating them to the RFu-328 will be very easy because it uses the same development environment – Arduino IDE – and has almost all Arduino pins available for use. 


  • Blink tutorial
    • The Arduino equivalent of the "hello world" program. This is a very basic tutorial that shows you how to upload a simple sketch to the RFu-328 that makes an LED blink on and off. 
  • Setting up your Ru-328 for low power consumption projects
    • Normally the RFu-328 will use battery power which needs to be conserved. This tutorial will show you how you can shut down the RF module and allow the Arduino processor to sleep in order to save power.
  • Projects
    • Build a wireless switch
    • Build a wireless temperature sensor
    • Build a wireless light sensor
    • Control a relay switch remotely