Configure the serial port on Rpi-2 and Rpi-3

If you have an older Raspbian image then these instructions may work for you.

The Raspberry Pi uses the serial port as a monitor, by default, so you will need to disable this so that you can use the serial port for the base station receiver.

Run the Raspberry Pi configuration tool to disable the serial port:


Select the Advanced Options menu option, 

Followed by Serial menu option, 

then select NO to the question "Would you like a login shell to be accessible over serial?". 

Exit save and reboot. 

Special instructions for Raspberry Pi 3 only:

The Raspberry Pi 3 has had some issues with the workings of the serial port and has had a number of changes to the operating system since its release. Here is the latest information we have on how to configure the Raspberry Pi 3 to work with the RF Base Station:

Edit cmdline.txt:

sudo nano /boot/cmdLine.txt

Add the following lines:





Exit, save and reboot. 


sudo nano

Then change the following line:

port = '/dev/ttyAMA0'


port = '/dev/ttyS0'

Exit, save